Course Overview:

Lesson 1

The Joy of Being You: Finding a Self-Concept of Happiness

How you think about yourself is crucial to your happiness. What is the self-concept that yields happiness, protects against the misery of low self-esteem, and avoids self-centeredness?

Lesson 2

The Joy of Purpose: Facing Stress with Patience, Mindfulness, and Hope

Stress is an impediment to happiness. How can we rise above the everyday worries and frustrations, whether they are about the present or future, and retain our joie du vivre?

Lesson 3

The Joy of Having: Learning the Art of Gratitude

Good fortune, wealth, beauty, genius, or power don’t necessarily lead to more happiness. But is there a way to build joy from our good circumstances? How do we master the art of experiencing the goodness of life

Lesson 4

The Joy of Struggle: Exploiting Our Shortcomings as Sources of Happiness

Our flaws and deficiencies can drain us of our happiness. How might we succeed in reframing our challenges and deficiencies as joy-inspiring opportunities of cosmic proportion?