Dear Friends,

As Rabbis we are privileged to be part of the most important events in your lives. We rejoice with you at baby naming's and circumcisions, we welcome your children on the first day of Hebrew School, we give counsel before weddings and we cry together when loved ones pass on.

We see much joy... and much pain. Yet much of the stress and financial pressure of dealing with a sudden death could be averted. With proper planning your loved ones will not have to suffer the anxiety and difficult decisions that coming with arranging a funeral when one is struggling with a debilitating disease, or after a death has already occurred.

The Chabad Jewish Center has its own section of burial plots at Star of David Memorial Gardens. Chabad has had a long relationship with Star of David and its personnel to ensure everything is done smoothly, and according to Jewish Law. You will have the peace of mind, knowing that everything will be done properly - without being pressured to buy extravagant and wasteful accouterments (like brass coffins with velvet).

Plus, since the plot is being purchased directly from Chabad there are multiple options available to you for the other funeral costs, including some that could save you significant money. Payment plans can be arranged – completely interest free.

Another concern many have with the cemeteries in Florida are the flat headstones that allow people, workers, and tractors to walk directly over the burial plots themselves. Our community's section of plots are unique:

(a) Hedged from both sides ensuring privacy and a more peaceful setting.

(b) Every grave is directly in front of a paved walkway so no one needs to walk on grass, or over any other graves to access the plot.

(c) Traditional upright markers are on a paved surface, ensuring the monument stays upright, without tilting over time.

For more info, please contact me directly at [email protected] or call 954-856-3202.

Remember what our Sages say: Making arrangements for funeral services is a "segulah - lucky charm" for a Long life.

With blessings to share in many more Simchas for many years to come.

Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Yankie Denburg


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