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Bequest - Creating a Jewish Future

Leaving a charitable bequest to Chabad is the easiest and most common form of gift that our partners utilize. This is a simple and straight forward way to guarantee a Jewish future, long after you are no longer alive. If you wish, you can designate your bequest to be used for a specific project, building or use.

How a Bequest Works

  • You designate either a percentage or a specific amount to Chabad to ensure a Jewish Legacy.
  • A bequest does not cost you anything during your lifetime.
  • After your passing, the trustee will transfer the money or real estate to our institution.
  • Bequests are revocable and can be changed or modified during your lifetime.
  • Bequests can relieve the tax burden of your family.
  • This is the most Popular way for individuals to leave a Jewish Legacy.

Residuary Bequest - Chabad is given a percentage of the estate.

Outright Bequest - Chabad is given a specific dollar amount or a specific asset, such as securities, assets or real estate.

We are available to help you, your estate lawyer or financial advisor at any time. Please contact Rabbi Denburg, or any of the professionals in our Resources Section with any questions or concerns.

If you are considering to leave a Bequest to the Jewish Community, please fill out the attached Declaration of Intent, so we can properly recognize you as a member of the Jewish Legacy Society.