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  • Stuffed CabbageMeat and rice, rolled up in cabbage and cooked in a decadent sauce - a Simchat Torah classic. With... Read More
  • 7 Paradoxes About the Sukkah That Help Us Break Through IllusionsWe depend on our touchstones: psychological security, a stable income, protection from crime.... Read More
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A Jew entered the Alter Rebbe’s study and said, “Rebbe, I am a simple man. Please explain to me: What is this holiday of Shemini Atzeret?” The Alter Rebbe held his head in his hands for a moment. Then he answered: “For a long journey, you might make a concentrate of the food and drink you will need for the way. At every stop, you mix some of the powder with water, and you have enough for that day.” “Shemini...
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