Matisyahu: The Pre-Chanukah Story of Our Lives Today

Bilha & Zilpah: The Unknown Conduits of Divine Miracles

The Double Cave of Chevron: Tribute to the 1400 Kedoshim of Simchas Torah

Garden of Eden Series: The Snake - Why Did G‑d Create Evil?

Garden of Eden Series: Eve - Why Did G‑d Create Woman?

Garden of Eden Series: Adam - Why Did G‑d Create Man?

The Jewish Mourner: Why we mourn a loss if we believe in G‑d?

Bread from Heaven: Understanding the Test of Wealth

The Temple in Me: Why do we still mourn the Temple's destruction 2,000 years later?

The Trans-Jordan Dwellers: Having Priorities in Life

Kalev: The Man Who Became on His Own

Yehoshua: The Nobody who became a Somebody

The Talking Donkey: A Lesson in Communication

Dasan and Aviram: When Hate Transcends Logic

The Spies: Looking for an easy life

Eldad and Meidad: Influence vs. Power

The Nazir: Building Your Own Fence

Why say No?: Special Shavuos Class based on the Jews response to G‑d at Mt. Sinai

The Levites: The Power of Music to Transcend

Me in the Omer: Do you count by days, or by weeks?

Revenge: How can we escape it's dangerous appeal?

The Afflicted with "Tzaras": What is "Tzaras"? Where does it come from?

Me in the Wine

Me in the Matzah

The Priest's Breastplate: The Heart of a Jew

The Tachash: Are Unicorns Real?

The Guardian & The Borrower: Which are you?

The Conveting Neighbor: Understanding Jealousy

Nachshon: Expressing Faith Through Action

The Moon: The Ups and Downs of Life

Egyptian Magicians: Masters Over Nature?

Yocheved: The Secret of Nachas

Yehuda: The Making of a Leader

Reuven: The Danger of Righteousness

Dinah: Getting Out of Your Box

Lavan: Shaping Your Legacy

Rivkah: Can You Ever Be Too Kind?

Yishmael: Logical Conclusions. Wild Emotions.

Hagar: From Rejection to Perfection

Me and G‑d: "Our Father, Our King" Part 2

Me and G‑d: "Our Father, Our King" Part 1

My Body: The "person" created in the "Image of G‑d"

The Jewish King: The Heart of the People

False Prophets: Understanding the Power of Free Choice

Israel: It's not just my Land... It's Me!

Me in Jerusalem of Old

Og: The Giant Who Scared Moshe

Daughters of Tzelafchad: First Female Landowners in Human History

Pinchas: The Zealot Who Was Full of Love

Billam: The Man Who Knew, But Didn't Believe

Korach & His Followers: How the political rebellion of Korach can guide us in our political affiliations today.

Family of King David: The Lineage of Moshiach

Ruth: The Woman who Cleaved

The Farmer: The Process of Productivity

The Person Who Cursed G‑d: Accepting Our Unique, Personalized Life-Story

The Jewish Convert: The Rebirth of A Soul

Aharon: The Bravery of the Jewish Taskmasters

The Life Story of the Rebbe: Celebrating the 120th birthday of the Rebbe

The Jews in Egypt: The Bravery of the Jewish Officers

The Circumcised Jew: A Spiritual Understanding of Why a Woman Does Not Need a Bris

Nadav and Avihu: A Love to Live For, Not Die For

The Golden Calf: Finding Ourselves in the story of the Golden Calf

Moshe: Embracing Responsibility by Transcending Self

Yisro: The Conviction of a Convert

Betzalel: Affirmative Action in the Building of the Mishkan?

The Fruit in Me

The Jewish Officers in Egypt: Jewish Decision Making in Exile

Batya: The Woman Who Cared Enough to Try

Rachel: A Greater Purpose to Life

Yosef: How to Write Your Own Life Story

Yaakov: The Balancing Act of Life

Eisav: Can I Change My Destiny?

Leah: The Woman Who Cried

Yitzchak: The Desire to be Perfect

Sara: Being an Influencer Without Leaving Home

Lot: Walking Away but Not Letting Go

Avraham: How to be an Influencer

Noach: To Reach-in or Reach Out