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Have you ever wished you could have a Rabbi sit together with you. Rabbi Yankie Denburg will be offering a limited number of weekly slots for private (or small group) study on any topic or questions you may have.

From the details of the Talmud to the depth of the Kabbalah, from the moral discussions of Jewish Ethics to fundamental dilemmas of Jewish belief and philosophy, there is no topic that is too taboo for the Rabbi. 

Private study sessions available for women who wish to study with Chana Denburg in preparation for the Mikvah experience.

Also available upon private request: a Parlor meeting and Open Q&A with a Chassidic couple for friends who have never had the chance to interact with a Chabad Rabbi before.

 For more information call  954-471-8646 or email  [email protected] to plan your own personalized study schedule.